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Argos Tannery

Advisory service

With over half a century of experience in the leather sector, the Argos Tannery can provide extensive advice on everything about leather and tanning, starting with the research and selection of raw materials up to the production of any type of article.

  • Leather from Argos Tannery is either vegetable or chrome tanned.
  • Our staff carries out strict and meticulous checks on everything we produce, which enables us to combine craftsmanship and care with industrial-scale production, to guarantee an end product of the highest quality.

Argos Tannery leathers

We are committed to constant improvement in order to offer products that are in no way harmful or dangerous, made through production processes and business practices that respect regulatory rules, the environment, and the health and integrity of employees and contractors.

Tanning and dyeing phase

Chrome or vegetable tanning is carried out. The leather is through-dyed in drums using pure aniline dyes for both laces and other products.


After dyeing, the leather is hung on an overhead conveyor so that it can dry naturally.

Staking and perfecting the final colour

After drying, the leather is staked to achieve the desired softness, after which the surface colour is adjusted to perfection.


The finished and trimmed leather is measured and packed on pallets or other supports as requested by the customer.


Once packaging is completed, the product is ready for shipment.