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Two-tone brown

Leather laces for timberland-type shoes

Leather laces Argos Tannery

Argos Tannery is a world leader in the production of leather shoe laces, which was developed in the eighties thanks to the intuition of Stefano Tinghi, when boat shoes began to establish themselves on the market.

«For the world of footwear, the arrival of ‘boat’ shoes was a real revolution. It was a trend that swept through the entire market, gaining widespread popularity; it was a product that suddenly lit up our industry, illuminating it with new possibilities. I realised that nautical leather laces were a great opportunity for us. I believed in it and invested in it right away, and I did the right thing. Even today, this article is still the mainstay of our production in the leather district, where all our subcontractors are LWG-certified.

It is a seemingly ‘easy’ product, however: despite its simple, basic appearance, it must meet very specific performance requirements and that can only be achieved through careful and accurate workmanship. This product is entirely Made in Italy and we sell it in our country as well as abroad..

Stefano Tinghi, owner of Argos Tannery Srl

Production of leather laces

Since then, our leather shoelaces have been manufactured in a wide variety of colours. At the basis of their success is an unsurpassed quality resulting from the combination of experience and technology, for an end result whose excellence is still sought after worldwide.
We manufacture leather shoe laces in every colour with tone-on-tone or two-tone through-dyeing. The leather is processed only in drums using pure aniline dyes to obtain a natural finished lace that is of the highest quality, durable, soft to the touch and ensures that the laces stay tightly tied.
Argos Tannery

Leather laces: production steps

Leather tanning and dyeing:

The leather is processed in drums with pure aniline through-dyes.


Once dyed, the leather is hung on an overhead conveyor and left to dry naturally.

Staking and perfecting the final colour:

staking gives the dried leather the desired softness. The surface colour is then adjusted to perfection.


the leather is trimmed and then cut to obtain laces at different, predetermined lengths or alternatively to obtain continuous laces packaged in rolls.


Once the leather has been cut, the laces are prepared for packaging and shipment.
To ensure maximum performance, our laces are tested periodically at our specialised laboratories (specialised in the area of leather products and certified ISO 9001 and ICEC TS_406).
Where can I buy leather shoelaces?

At Argos Tannery you will find choice and top quality.