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Argos Tannery

Leather for upholstery

Leather for upholstery is a distinct area of production at the Argos Tannery, and is managed in plants dedicated to the processing of large-scale certified Italian leathers.

We devote the same scrupulous attention to the production of leather for upholstery in accordance with the highest standards set by the tanning industry for environmentally friendly production resulting in a fine leather of the highest quality.

Argos Tannery

Leather for upholstery: what applications?

Leather is in demand in the furniture industry, especially by craftsmen, for upholstering sofas, armchairs, poufs, as well as chairs, desks, tables, or even just for adding details.

From large, soft but durable tanned skins for sofas, Argos Tannery can supply all kinds of leather for upholstery.

Types of leather for upholstery

The Argos Tannery aims to offer only the best types of leather. We select full grain or top grain leather, which is the outermost and most prized layer of the animal skin, suitably smoothed and specially processed.
This type of leather is particularly soft and natural: top grain leather ‘breathes’ , making it particularly suitable for furnishing and for upholstering sofas: unlike synthetic products, natural leather does not feel 'cold' on contact nor does it promote sweating, rather it adapts to body temperature, behaving extremely naturally.
It is processed with aniline or semi-aniline. Aniline, which is more expensive, provides for a completely natural tanning. It is then given a protective finish that makes the leather more resistant to stains and signs of wear.
Argos Tannery

Leather for sofas

Among the various grades of leather for sofas, Argos Tannery has chosen to produce only the finest quality leather.

Our top grain leather for furnishings and sofas is thickened or pebble printed to give it characteristics of resistance and elegance, thus guaranteeing a finished product of a high standard.

Our pebble printed leather for upholstery has an evenly corrected grain and is easy to maintain without causing any loss to the beauty of the leather. It is soft and at the same time resistant to stress and wear, making it ideal for sofas and armchairs.

Argos Tannery

Argos Tannery - Manufacturers of leather for upholstery Made in Italy

We produce quality upholstery leather and can accommodate a wide range of demands. We ensure the highest production standards in the tanning industry and on-time delivery of products.

Contact us for details about our range of leather for upholstery.