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Argos Tannery – Leather for belts

Argos Tannery – Leather for belts

Argos Tannery

Leather for belts Made in Italy quality

Leather for belts for the fashion and clothing sector must comply with processing methods that respect the Italian tanning tradition in order to provide a top-quality product

Different types of leather for belts are available on the market.

Argos Tannery

Types of leather for belts

Except in the case of making belts from suede, perhaps with inner lining, the most suitable parts of cow or bull hide, for making belts, are the shoulders and the butt.

These correspond to the upper part (shoulder) and lower part (butt) of the whole animal skin, without the side parts (bellies).

They are particularly suitable because they provide the appropriate and even thickness, also because in order to produce one-piece belts (with a length of 120 cm or more), regular and square-shaped hides are needed.
In our factories, the leather for making belts is obtained mainly from the ‘butt’, i.e. the part of the hide that corresponds to the lower part of the animal's back. It is the strongest part and the one most suitable for the production of vegetable-tanned leather and, due to its size, can be used to make belts in one piece.
A large number of high-quality belts can be obtained from a whole butt, and these can be cut either horizontally or vertically.
Argos Tannery

Vegetable-tanned leather for strong and elegant belts

Butts for the production of belts are mainly vegetable-tanned, with no finishing on the grain.
Vegetable tanning makes the leather stronger and provides extra thickness.

The thickness for belts can be between 3 and 5 mm.
The steps involved are therefore drumming (with vegetable-tanned leather), drying and staking.
Our leather for belts can be produced in any colour the customer desires:

  • natural colour, the colour resulting from vegetable tanning with the tannin alone
  • drum-dyed with through-dyeing in addition to the tannin
Argos Tannery

The Argos Tannery - Sale of top quality leather for belts

Argos Tannery has always specialised in producing the finest leather. Our butts are selected to offer the right thickness and size to avoid having to make belts from multiple pieces. As a result, we offer leather for belts destined for pieces with high quality and finish.

The leather and all steps involved in our production chain are strictly ‘Made in Italy’ and have the ideal shape to be cut without waste.

For further details, please contact us. We will be pleased to offer you all the specifications you need.