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Argos Tannery: an Italian story

Argos Tannery was originally started in the Sixties as a small, family-run artisan tannery, and has since been continued for generations with passion and loyalty to traditional methods.

At first concentrating on the production of quality leathers for footwear, from the beginning of the 1980s, with the introduction of ‘boat’ shoes, Argos Tannery was the first in Italy to specialise in the tanning and cutting of nautical-type leather for laces. In that same period, Stefano Tinghi, today the sole owner of Argos Tannery, joined the company’s board of directors.

This small revolution put our tannery at the forefront on the international leather market, prompting us to refine and expand our product range.

Today, Argos Tannery Srl embodies the very best characteristics in its production that have made this part of Tuscany known as one of Italy’s most important leather districts.

Argos Tannery

Italian Leather Tannery: excellence and tradition

With our long-standing experience in the field of leather tanning, we are proud to be able to present ourselves as one of Tuscany’s most outstanding tanneries. Our values sum up the most precious professional achievements of an area that has always been devoted to tanning.

We market the best leathers produced and finished according to the most ancient tanning traditions of Italy. We are experts in the vegetable tanning of leather for every sector of use as well as in the processing of calfskins for the fashion industry.

With our range, we cater for all kinds of requirements, guaranteeing first-class leather and production processes at the highest level.

Argos Tannery – Italian Leather Tannery

Argos Tannery – Italian Leather Tannery

(Stefano Tinghi, owner of Argos Tannery Srl)

“How do we like to work? By bringing together the finest traditional craftsmanship of this area with the products offered by the new frontiers of chemistry, which are based on respect for health and the environment.”

Argos Tannery interview

Argos Tannery

Argos Tannery: the story continues

Our business proposition is based on the quality of our products and punctual deliveries, which over time have earned us the trust of the most prestigious brands, both in Italy and abroad.

Our leathers are either chrome or vegetable tanned and undergo stringent controls by our staff to ensure a final product of excellent quality and very high standards.