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Argos Tannery – Italian Tannery since 1964

Argos Tannery is one of Tuscany’s historic tanneries, which has embraced the legacy of a family of tanners from Santa Croce to bring the excellence of its almost century-old tradition to markets around the world.

We supply hides for manufacturers who put quality first. In particular, we produce tanned and dyed leather for the fashion and furniture industries.

Our flagship products include leather laces for nautical footwear.

Rivestimenti auto di lusso
Tappezzeria auto in pelle

Production Made in Italy

Production Made in Italy

Argos Tannery

Certified Tuscan tannery

We are guardians of the secrets of authentic Italian leather tanning, guaranteeing high quality workmanship and a stringent selection of raw materials. We can certify that the entire production cycle is Made in Italy, something we are very proud of.

Our production processes follow the finest tradition of tanneries in Italy, integrated and perfected with today’s modern systems, and ensure the environmentally friendly processing of leather.
We are committed to constantly strive for the best to offer safe and impeccable products, manufactured using production processes and business practices that respect the rules and regulations for the health and integrity of employees and contractors.
Argos Tannery
We adhere to the following quality standards:

ISO 9001

Made in Italy

LWG (Leather WOrking Group)

Our staff carries out strict and meticulous checks on everything we produce, which enables us to combine craftsmanship and care with industrial-scale production, and to ensure a superbly crafted end product.

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Argos Tannery interview

Argos Tannery

Only genuine leather

We process only genuine leather using high-quality dyeing processes.

Handcrafted leather is made by artisan leather tanners. Our handcrafted leather is made by artisan leather tanners using meticulous techniques that have been repeated the same way for generations, enriched by innovative solutions that always focus on quality.

Our leather is the result of:

  • tradition,
  • competence,
  • sustainability,
  • constant search for the highest standards.
Argos Tannery

Tannery Argos Santa Croce sull'Arno : the Tuscan tannery

The Argos tannery in Santa Croce sull’Arno is a leading manufacturer of high-quality leather. Experience, constant modernisation and meticulous care in processing today make us a major point of reference for international and national partners. With over half a century of experience in the leather sector, the Argos Tannery can provide extensive advice on everything about leather and tanning, starting with the research and selection of raw materials up to the production of any type of article.