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Argos Tannery

Argos Tannery: consulting and processing procedures for nautical-style laces

With its half century of experience in the sector, Argos Tannery can provide detailed advice on the tanning industry - from research and selection of raw materials to the production of any type of article.

Argos Tannery skins are chrome or vegetable tanned. Our staff carry out strict and constant controls on everything produced, in this way integrating the work and traditional workmanship with industrial-scale production, guaranteeing a top-quality end product.

We perform continuous improvement research so as to offer products that are in no way toxic or harmful, produced using production processes and sales practices that comply with environmental, health and safety in the workplace regulations.

Tanning and dyeing stage: chrome or vegetable tanning is performed. The skin is drum-processed using pure aniline through-dyes for the laces and for other products.

Drying: after dyeing, the skin is hung on an overhead chain to allow 100% natural drying.

Staking and colour fixing: after drying, the skin is staked to achieve the desired softness and then the surface colour is optimised.

Cutting: the finished trimmed leather is then cut to give the nautical-style laces. The length and type of laces can be predefined or in rolls.

Packing: after cutting, the laces are ready for packing and shipping.

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