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Leather laces

Leather laces for Timberland type footwear
  • Wine
  • Midnight blue
  • White
  • Cognac
  • Green
  • Black
  • Two-tone yellow/brown

At the beginning of the 1980s, around the time that Stefano Tinghi joined the company, Argos Tannery became the first in Italy to specialise in producing nautical-style leather laces. A product that Argos Tannery produces in extensive varieties and according to inescapable dictates of quality, born from a combination of experience and technological research.

«For the footwear industry, the arrival on the scene of deck shoes was a revolution. A fashion that captured the market across the board, gaining fans wherever it appeared; a product that suddenly lit up our sector with new options. I understood that the nautical-style leather article was a great opportunity for us. I believed in it and immediately invested in it. And I was right. Still today, this article is the workhorse of our entire production. It only seems to be an “easy” product: despite its simple, basic appearance, it has special features that must perform well and call for thorough, accurate processing. A 100% Made in Italy product - the companies contributing to the processing of our laces are all based in our tanning district - that we sell both in our own country and abroad» (Stefano Tinghi, owner, Argos Tannery Srl)

Our nautical-style leather laces are available in any colour, tone-on-tone or two-tone through-dyeing, and are produced from skins that are drum-processed only with pure aniline dyeing. The result is a natural finish lace of excellent quality, resistant, soft to the touch and holds its bow well. Our laces are periodically tested at specialist, certified (ISO 9001 and ICEC TS_406) laboratories such as Certest and others.


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