Leather laces for Timberland type footwear
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Established in 1964 on the experience and expertise of a family from Santa Croce committed for generations to the art of leatherworking, Argos Tannery Srl’s production epitomises the best characteristics that have made Tuscany famous as one of Italy’s major tanning districts.

After first concentrating on producing quality leather for footwear, from the start of the 1980s - with the arrival of deck shoes on the Italian market, Argos Tannery became the first in Italy to specialise in the tanning and cutting of hides to produce nautical-style leather laces. In that same period, Stefano Tinghi, now the sole owner of Argos Tannery, joined the company’s board of directors..


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Quality and tradition

«I follow the production chain from top to bottom, from skin selection to shipping. I prefer to know that the customer receives a product that offers 100% satisfaction. Our sales policy is based solely on product quality and prompt delivery: characteristics which over the years have earned us the trust of the top brands, in Italy and beyond. How do we like to work? We bring together the best of this area’s traditional craftsmanship and products offered by the new chemical pioneers, based on compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations» (Stefano Tinghi, owner, Argos Tannery Srl)

With its fifty years’ experience in leatherworking, Argos Tannery’s Tuscan excellence in the tanning industry makes it a company whose values sum up the peak professional reputation of an area that has always been dedicated to tanning, producing articles of the very highest quality standards.

Argos Tannery skins are chrome or vegetable tanned. Our staff carry out strict and constant controls on everything produced, in this way integrating the work and traditional workmanship with industrial-scale production, guaranteeing a top-quality end product.

Argos Tannery

We are certified ISO 9001:2015:



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